Fitness is not all about winning gold medals or setting records for weight lifting!! It’s about being as fit as you want to be.  I have all sorts of clients from those who do some form of exercise 6 days a week to those whose last experience involved a PE teacher. As long as you want to anyone can get fitter. How fit is entirely up to you.


I adopt a very personalised approach to my clients sessions where I utilise my experience, training & client rapport to get results. My passion is shared through my enthusiastic delivery, exciting & varied programmes and a firm belief that each & every one of my clients can achieve their targets.


With different clients comes a diverse set of goals. I have successfully trained and mentored them to weight loss, muscle toning, speed & agility improvement, increased flexibility and overall body confidence.


To achieve this I use a whole range of different methods including: Boxing, Kettlebells, Free weights, Balance balls, Cable machines, skipping ropes and when outdoors half the fun is improvising with everyday objects.

Having fun.
Getting fit.
with TIM.